Splish Splash

It has begun. Ramona is doing swim lessons, one week down and five to go. I got to get in the pool with her and it was a definitely a good time. Not one of the kids cried for the entire thirty minutes. Ram did signal the all done about half way into it but she offered no complaint. There was lots of singing, splashing, and kicking. It was a bubble blowing good time! Hopefully I will feel this great about all the activities that I will be taking my daughter to down the road.

Ramona is starting to get in a routine of waking up and talking to her dolls for about twenty minutes before she is ready to get out of her crib. I lay in bed and listen to her have these conversations trying to imagine what she is talking about. Maybe she is talking about her dog, or maybe how much she loves her daddy?  I think I could listen to her babble always. As with everything she does, she speaks with passion. I love this stage in her life, but honestly I have loved every minute of this ride.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week. Get out and enjoy the spring weather!

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