Happy day, happy week. We just keep humming along and making memories as we go. Ramona only has one swim lesson left, and her comfortability in the water shows. She is putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles now! Kelly said that she even laid back in the tub on her own last night. She probably hasn’t willingly laid in the tub since before she could walk. The biggest decision now is when can we get her back in for more lessons.

The Hans and Ramona saga continues. These two dish as much out as they get in return. I probably should not have watched so much wrestling with Ram. She applies a sleeper hold as good as any kid. And her leg drop is devastating! Hans holds his own though with his speed and agility. If Ram gets him trapped, though, it is all over for the little guy and someone has to break it up. Good times indeed. 
Apparently my child is a thrill seeker. Her preferred method of going down a slide is head first. She likes to ride her rocking horse in the standing position. This morning she pulled her shirt over her head and shot down the hall. She kept going until she ran into something, laughing and giggling the whole way. I suspect life will never be dull with Ram.

Everyone have a terrific week!

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