It took a while but finally Ramona has readjusted her wake up time from our good friend daylight savings. This past week I do not believe we have had one pre 7AM wake up call. Today I even got home from the gym and had the coffee brewing before she awoke. It really is the small things!

Ramona earned her first ribbon on Monday. She completed the first class at Miller Swim School. I was proud of her. When we started I was not sure how she was going to like it, but she just splashed her way through the six weeks. Sure she fussed a little but I chalk that up to her having to do what the instructor said and not what she wanted. She did a seated dive off the side of the pool. Slid down a slide into the pool. Floated on her back. Blew bubbles in the water. Jumped into the pool countless times, and of course went under water. Now she has two weeks off before we start the next class!

Short post this week, I got pizza to sling! Have a monster week and smile plenty you never know who is looking…

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