Break Time

Two weeks with no updates! I had no excuse the first week and one turned to two weeks. That is in the past and we are moving forward. Speaking of progress, Ramona is going through some big changes. I have been talking about her vocabulary and all the words she understands. Now she is added some singing and howling to the mix. She has gone crazy for snacks and has resorted to pushing me and Kelly into the kitchen to get her snacks. Oh and she decided it was time to start potty training. Never dull in our house. 

The potty training is by far the biggest change. I am just grateful that Hans the dog has been doing really good and keeping his releases to the outdoors. It is a mad dash to the restroom when she says, “potty!” Sometimes we make it and sometimes we don’t. Sad thing is I was getting pretty good at changing diapers, now I got to get good at listening and anticipating accidents waiting to happen. 

Summer is starting out really well. We are doing swim lessons again and we are gearing up for a family vacation. I hope everyone is enjoying life. Have a great weekend!

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