Jibber Jabbing

We have had a very nice several days; farmer’s markets, brunches, play grounds, water sprinklers, dog chasing, sidewalk chalking, and plenty more good times. Ram seems to be a huge fan of the outdoors. It can be difficult to get her back indoors, and the same can be said for Hans the dog. Fun times.

We have been watching what we say around Ram because she picks up what we put down. I get in trouble for saying “eat” prematurely or at inopportune times. She hears that and she is high tailing it to the dinner table ready or not. Ramona’s vocabulary seems to be growing daily as a result. She has been saying; hi, bye, hello, hot, dog, eat, outside, mine, more, poop, potty, thank you, please, and kiss just to list several that come to mind. Oh and she says, “ew!” The other day she came up to me and exclaimed, “ew” and then opened her hand and dropped a log of poop in my hand. She then smiled and said, “poop ew!” Now if I can only get her to leave the turds on the ground and also to use those words before I catch excrement in my hands. The joys of parenthood.

Happy Thursday! Enjoy the good life.

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