Band of Color

Happy rainy day to you! Eventually the rain will go away and if we are lucky we might just see a rainbow. We have had a great week. We got some park time in, a little splash pad, a good old fashion dance partying, and plenty of indoor imagination time.

I am super excited that Ram can now play with legos. Well the duplos but still they are legos and I am a big fan. We spent an hour building choo choos, houses, boats, and whatever else she could think of. I am definitely going to enjoy this phase of play time. How soon is too soon for lincoln logs? 
The fall school semester is coming quick. I am not looking forward to it because our family day is going to be cut in half. Ramona is going to start going to school on Mondays and I don’t like it one bit. My work schedule and her school schedule are not jiving. Currently we only have one full day a week as a family and that is going to be cut in half. On the flip side, I will be gaining a half day with Kelly. It is not all gloom I suppose but sadly it does mean there will be time for chores now! #daddyprobs
Have a stellar week and make someone smile!

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