I don’t think pink is Ram’s favorite color but she can definitely say it and point it out. I had to ask for verification from Kelly this morning when Ram pointed at her pink plate and said “PINK!” The last week or two she has been saying “home” when we are close to the house. It amazes me, she amazes me. It is awesome watching her develop. I doubt I will ever tire of watching my little Ram.

I will, however, tire of her kicking me out of her room. The other day I was in her room sitting at her table when she pointed at me and said, “No!” She then pointed to the door, got up and pushed me out of the seat, and proceeded to escort me out of her room. The next thing I saw was her door slamming shut. This is not the first time she has kicked me out. My dad solved this by removing the bedroom door, isn’t that right Christina!?!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week and enjoys these last days of summer!

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