Wiggle Wiggle

I really dislike being away from my daughter but I sure do enjoy picking her up from grandma’s! Ramona’s excitement to see us is awesome and is matched only by the excitement Kelly and I have to hug and kiss her once again. I hope that doesn’t change ever.

We are chugging right along into the fall and are enjoying the cooler temperatures that come with it. Ramona has always been an outdoor kind of girl and lately she has taken to throwing herself onto the grass and just wiggling and rolling all around. This morning she plopped herself onto the wet grass and let out a little scream when the dew hit her. I started laughing and she just squirmed even more giggling the whole time. It is awesome how little moments like this can just make your day.

The potty training continues and Ramona is doing very good. Now we just need to tackle the over nights. Ram continues to learn all sorts of new things. She is in full on repeater mode so you got to watch what you say. She has also been learning her colors and she is getting pretty good at it too. Life is fun and changing daily. Have a great week!

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