Grumpy Hook

There is nothing as sweet as a hug and a kiss from your baby girl. I believe I have mentioned it before but these days I have to really work for those hugs and kisses. Ramona just likes to decide when she hugs. I just wish that when I was on my way to work she would not make me beg for a kiss! We are a family with a strong will and I had better get use to it.

This month has passed quickly. Halloween is on us and then it will be turkey day. Christmas decorations are already for sale in the stores and Kelly is hashing out Ram’s birthday. Ramona is lucky to have Kelly as her mom. Kelly made Ramona the best care bear costume and Ram simply loves it. If everything goes as planed I will be able to partake in some of the Halloween festivities with my girls this year. I am excited, because Ramona is at the age now where she is really beginning to understand what is going on. And I know she goes crazy for candy!

I find myself watching cartoons. I find myself watching a lot of cartoons. I have the theme songs taking turns in my head all day. Some of Ram’s cartoons are not that bad but some of them are hard to watch. I don’t even feel guilty from steering her away from the purple dinosaur or those wiggle people. I would much rather deal with Jake, Elmo, and the Care Bears. She was into Thomas and Dora heavy eight weeks ago but these are the new players. Thankfully she likes to spice it up with a little Cars and Curious George. If only I could get her into Star Wars.

Ramona is on fire with her colors. She is picking up objects and naming the color. She is great with pink, orange, blue, purple and green. I think red is getting confused with pink and orange but she is working it out. Her vocabulary is constantly growing. She is starting to string these words together too, so you really got to be listening. Kelly seems to be better at making out what she is saying but I am getting there.

Enjoy the Fall and smile!

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