Today is the day. My little girl is now a two year old. It is crazy how fast it went by. I still remember bringing her home from the hospital and that first night at home. How far we have all came! Last night at dinner Kelly was telling Ramona what her and I were doing two years ago in that hospital room. Trying to not act nervous or scared but we both were very much both of those. Oh but how happy and complete Ramona has made us! She is are everything and we thank God everyday for blessing us with her.

Ramona has moved completely away from diapers now. She was doing them over nights but she gave that up last week. She said no diaper and so we went with it. I think in the last week she has had one or two accidents. Girl is getting this potty stuff covered.

We have been having so much fun. Thanksgiving was non stop action for Ramona. Cousins everywhere. She was a great little nurse for Kelly too. Kelly, sadly, got the stomach bug and stayed most of the day in her room. Ram would go check on her every 20-30 minutes. Probably the best moment for me was Thursday night at my mom’s house. We watch Christmas Vacation every year after dinner, its our way of bringing in the Christmas season. Ramona pretty much watched the whole thing and was engaged and reacting to the movie. It was hilarious, she ooed and awed. The squirrel jumping out of the tree brought her to tears, but it was fun! Kelly was feeling better and watched with us. It is hard work keeping an eye on a kid solo with that many people running around. I am thankful for Kelly.

The other night I asked Ramona if she was my baby. She looked at me and said sternly that she was not a baby, I’m Mona! I love this trip and I have the best girls taking it with me. Enjoy the week!

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