Dash Away

Ramona just wrapped up her third Christmas! This year was the first that she actually was understanding what was happening. This morning she even screamed for Santa when she woke up! We had a fantastic time with family these last few days. I had so much fun getting everything ready for Ramona. Seeing her face light up when she saw what Santa brought her was worth it all. The first thing she ran to was a lego table. I think she was in shock because she just stared at it and really took in all sides of it. Then she saw the balance bike and of course we had to ride it. We played for a while, had tamales and eggs, and then made it to church. It was terrific morning and we made some pretty perfect memories.

Christmas means so much. The birth of Christ, giving, family, food, and making memories are what it is about to me. I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas and I pray that you made some precious memories with you and your family. God bless!

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