Back to the Middle and Around Again

Loving 2015! Everything is looking up and the whole family is wearing smiles. Smiles mostly anyway. Ramona has been getting into “ring around the rosy” as of late. Needless to say we have all been falling down often at our house. Singing in general has really been a theme recently, ABC’s especially. I am happy that I can play the guitar well enough to play along while she belts out the alphabet, makes for some fun mornings. Now I am going to have to learn some more songs!


Ramona is doing the “huh” and the “why” with what seems like every other thing you say to her. I may have already touched on this topic but it is definitely forcing me to work on my patience levels. I am not one that is called patient but I tend to be more so with her. I mean she is incredibly cute!


Ramona: “Can I have a snack dad?”

Me: “No, we are eating lunch soon.”

Ramona: “Huh?”

This goes on and on. The “huh” gets me though. I will explain myself only to be followed up with another “huh.” It is the song that never ends!

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