Monday Madness

This morning started out like most with Ramona calling for us at about 7AM. Kelly grabs her and before I know it Ramona is waking me up with her usual pizazz. Today is a school day so that means we got to get it into gear so after some hopeful rolling around in bed we get up. Everything seems fine until it is time to get dressed. I don’t know what happened but this morning turned south quick. Nothing was right or the way Ram wanted it. After a pant change and some tag team style sock and shoe wrestling, we thought we had her ready to go. Nope. Ram had just thrown her shoes across the floor. I was doing real good up to this point. I was laughing and trying to make her laugh to no avail. Kelly was on the couch trying to get Ramona’s shoes back on, and I just announced loudly that it was done. I was finished with this and Ramona was going to put her shoes on and everyone was going to smile. I was completely and utterly incorrect in this proclamation. I figured if I sounded authoritative and in control she would listen and all would be well. It works at my job and with the Hans, but not so much with Ram at this point of her meltdown anyway. Kelly and I had to force Ramona to do our morning ritual (group hug kisses etc.) As Kelly loaded her up in the car and pulled out of the drive way I said a prayer for my daughter, my wife, and every parent that was dealing with that Monday Madness.

Have a great week!

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