When I Wake Up

FullSizeRender-15It truly is a love hate thing. I love it because she is so sweet and cuddly, and I hate it because it is 5:50AM! I think I lean more to the love though. Ramona hopping in our bed and jumping on me saying, “hi daddy!” is a wake up call that tugs at your heart. I know that one day those wake up calls will disappear and I have to remind myself to appreciate the predawn ritual.
Kelly got us doing another ritual that I hope we can continue for as long as Ramona will allow it. We do a group hug, then put our hands in the middle and yell, “Go Herrera’s!” and finish it with kisses. It is just the right amount of silly and the perfect motivation for the day. Do you have any family rituals that you do or have done?

Ramona and I have been going out to my grandparent’s the last couple of weeks. Between Ramona and Hans I am not sure who likes being in the country more. Ramona has been watching me on the tractor and the golf cart. She showed me what she has learned and well she can make the cart go and she works hard trying to get the tractor into gear! It is amazing how absorbent and capable the human mind is. I just love watching her grow. FullSizeRender-16
Hope everyone enjoys the week, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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