I can still remember my parents frustrations at my sisters and I for saying “huh?” and “what?” after just about everything they would say. Ramona is giving Kelly and I the treatment and I now understand the frustration! The worst part about it is that I usually repeat myself two or three times before I realize that she got me again. It is annoying but it doesn’t have to be. Ram heard me the first time and if I don’t fall for her game all will be well. 

Ramona got a new guitar the other day thanks to Uncle Shane. She has been strumming and singing even more lately. It’s awesome watching her rock out. She has so much passion and right now it seems music is her outlet. I get enjoyment having a jam partner. Girl can sing! 

Life has been good. I am working in Tulsa again and that is allowing me some more time with Ramona and Kelly. It’s nice getting to see my girls in the middle of the day. This last Wednesday I picked Ramona up from school on my break. We picked up a snack and headed to the park. We got some good time in together. Family time recharges you better than caffeine! 

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