I feel terrible. I have been neglecting this gem, this record, this outlet. Busy, sure, are we not all busy though? No excuses. I will make amends and record our adventures on a more regular basis. 

We have done much and experienced more since my last post. Ram continues to amaze. I never realized how smart and intuitive a 2 year old could be. Girl definitely has her finger on the pulse of our household. Some days she has her whole hand on the throat of the household! Parents you know what I mean. Naps are our friend. 

We went camping last week in the Osage Hills. We hiked, we played, we ate, and we enjoyed each other. There is something about nature that is conducive to family time. I’m guessing it has something to do with the lack of technology. Just unplugging and enjoying one another. However, Ram declared in the middle of the night that she was done sleeping on the ground! She will camp again and camp again soon she will.  

 Ramona is now learning sequences. I’m not sure if that is what you call it. Anyway, she is saying first and next. Only problem is she is always next and what she really means is she is first. Learning is fun. 

Everyone have a marvelous week and make a memory or two!  


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