Of Course

I love the phrases Ram picks up. Maybe I say them too much, maybe it is someone else saying them too much, or maybe the kid just likes saying them either way I like it! She has been saying, “Of course” after we ask her for something and it is overtly cute. She is also really getting into singing the theme songs of some her cartoons she watches. She doesn’t know all of the words, but the ones she does know you can feel them when she sings. I am really enjoying all of this. 

 The big news this week is Ram got her ears pierced. She has been asking for it so Kelly made it happen. I was not there but she did really good. Only cried for two minutes! Now we just need to make sure we keep them clean! 

 We took an escape to OKC on Memorial Day. We experienced the Science Museum and the Paseo Arts Festival. We had a good time just being together. There is something nice about getting away from home, even if it is just for the day. I want to make sure we do more of that together. Memory making together. Enjoy the week everyone!

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