My Sunshines

This week has been fun! We are gearing up for the 4th, I even rigged up a flag to fly from the house. I don’t know if Ram will enjoy the fireworks a bit more this time around or not. I am hoping so but you just never know with that girl. She does enjoy the little pops. She was having a hard time throwing them down hard enough so she improvised and just steps on them. Girl knows how to get it done, one way or another.  

 This morning I had so much fun with her playing music. I had my guitar and she was blowing out the melody on her kazoo. We were doing, You are my sunshine. The best part was she would stop blowing and sing a line here and there. It made my day. I love having another music maker in the house.

I hope everyone has a safe Independence Day. Make some memories!

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