Ramona’s sneeze is only rivaled by my own. I can only match her volume and exaggeration of this natural occurrence. She edges me out because she actually yells achoo! It’s pretty adorable. Now to get her to use a Kleenex. Baby steps.  

 This week has been awesome. I got to spend an entire day with Ram and all we did was stay at home. I believe it is wonderful to just stay at home. We have so many things to do here. We colored, played candy land, Legos, dolls, cars, wrestled, basically we tore the house up! 

We have been working on that “no” word. She is very quick to pop off a “no” or a “stop” if she is not down with what you are bringing. It is frustrating having your kid yell no in your face. Time outs are helping but the struggle is real. To top it off she really knows how to push buttons. Button pushing is one of my specialties and this little girl knows exactly which ones to push on ol’ dad. The dagger is she has that cute little smirk on her face when she is pushing them in. On the positive I guess I now know how it feels.  

 Enjoy the hot sun and have a snow cone or two! 

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