La La La

Where has summer gone? Oh wait it is still here melting the soles of my shoes. We are a month out from labor day and before you know it Halloween, Turkey Day, and Christmas. Ramona has been changing just as fast as the calendar is moving. Her vocabulary has exploded as well as her imagination. I peak in on her playing and she has got dolls lined up and she is engaged in some deep dialogue. The other day we laid out a blanket and imagined that we were on the beach. Moments later it became a swimming pool and then it was hot and we could not walk on it. Fun times. 

 You know how you are always warned about what you say and what you let your kids hear? Well the other day we were at Target and Ramona looks at me and says, “Shut up and dance with me!” I just look at her, jaw dropped. She was so happy with herself so thank you Kidz Bop radio for covering that song! Geez I hope I don’t say anything bad about any of you… 

 Ram has been singing more and more. It is pretty awesome that she can belt out whole songs and we can make out every word she sings. These are not just lullabies, she is cranking out new hits as well. Loving being a dad, loving being Ram’s dad! Make some memories and enjoy the heat for a few more weeks!

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