Tear Jerkers

She got me good and brought me to tears today. Ramona came back from school with a thanksgiving place mat she made for me and when I saw it, it was Niagara Falls. I don’t remember being this emotional. At some point in my adolescence I gave up the whole crying thing. I found it again on my wedding day. Watching Kelly walk down the aisle teared me up real good. Then I don’t really recall a good  cry until Ram held my hand for the first time. Since then though I have had my fair share of wet eyes. I guess my girls just have my soft spot and I am just fine with it.  

 Ramona continues to amaze and amuse daily. She spouts off the ABC’s in Spanish at the most random times. Commands me to stop in Spanish and in English whenever I’m pushing her buttons, which is pretty much a regular thing.  She sings along to the theme songs of her favorite programs and has her favorite episodes that she knows start to finish. My absolute favorite thing is her saying, “Shaka-Laka” after someone says, “Boom!”  

 We all have so much going on this time of year. It is healthy to stop and appreciate all that we have. Make time to enjoy family and friends and try an refrain from the stress the holidays can produce. Life is good, live it! 

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