And then what happens?

Christmas is here! I love this time of year and Ramona makes it even more special. She is really getting into the spirit. Hearing her sing, “Away In A Manger” gets me every time. She races to the advent calendar most mornings and is counting down to the 25th. It’s just a wonderful time of the year!  

 Ramona’s imagination has sky rocketed. We go to the zoo, beach, boating, caves, monster hunts, and just about anything her brain can picture. We do it all and it is a blast. I love make believe and she is becoming a master at it. She also loves to be told a story. You have to be prepared because you never know when she will ask you to tell a story. On top of that you have to be ready for the one phrase that keeps it going, “And then what happens?” I’m convinced it is her favorite thing to say. Kelly and I are both giving our own creativity a work out on the regular. Kids keep you fit.  

Enjoy this festive time of the year. Enjoy each other. 

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