Who is the boss? 

Last week we tried watching a movie at the theatre. A movie that was not animated but was Star Wars. Ram was set and ready with a cold beverage, popcorn, and twizzlers. Everything was going smooth for the first fifteen minutes. Ram leans over and says, “I don’t like this movie.” I feed her more snacks but she is persistent in her dislike for Stars Wars. We made it about half an hour before she grabs the candy out of my hand and says, “It’s okay daddy, we can take the candy home.” She then gets out of her seat and begins heading for the exit. I get up and follow, shaking my head in a mix of laughter and defeat. This girl knows what she wants and definitely knows how to work me over. 

Ramona and I went up to Turkey Mountain for a little day hike and some snacks. I have learned it is very important to pack snacks and a Barbie or two when going into nature. She is definitely getting very good at climbing rocks and keeping her footing. She also has a great memory. Last time we were there we saw lots of horse poop. When we came to a fork in the trail I asked her which way she wanted to go, “The poop trail dad!” So naturally we followed the poop. It was fun and we saw lots of flies. Just feels good to enjoy nature with your girl even if it’s a bit stinky. Have a great Sunday! 

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