X Marks The Spot

The rain is coming down and I get to spend the whole day with Ramona. I enjoy our weekly adventures and all of the shenanigans we get into. Rainy days bring out our creative side. Ram has already wrapped herself up in a blanket and had me drag her around the house. Now we are having a somersault contest and making plans for a treasure hunt. The treasure hunting has to be one of my favorites. First we will draw the perfect map of the house, then we will take turns hiding the treasure, and lastly we will trade the booty we collected. The pirate life for us, on Tuesdays anyway!

We are getting pretty excited for summer over here. Kelly and Ramona made a list of things to do this summer and I am pumped to start marking some of them off. Snowcones have already been checked off!

Life is great and seems to just keep getting better. Have a magnificent day!

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