Hello Again

Ramona is growing and evolving at a much more rapid pace than I would like. I often wonder how she turned into a big kid so fast. Our conversations are so rich and can move in any direction. They can go from all the reasons why she would make a great pet doctor to the mountains she wants to visit on a vacation. Her mind is constantly moving and Kelly and I have to struggle to keep up.  It’s fun though and I love seeing how her mind moves. 

Kelly told me something that has really been making me think. She said that how Ram behaves now is how she will behave as a teenager. I can absolutely see a teenager in her behavior. From getting frustrated and storming out of a room to flipping her hair at a boy she finds cute. I joke and say that I am in real trouble. I really don’t think that will be the case. Ram is a strong independent girl. She is kind and compassionate. She believes she can do anything and I believe that she can. I think I am going I continue to be a proud father. I hope that she does behave this way as a teenager. I love her independence and I love her confidence. The future is bright. 

Have a great week everyone! 

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