A New Edition

So long summer, autumn is here and things are changing at the Herrera House. We had a great summer. We bought a new house in south Tulsa which we are absolutely in love with. We managed to sneak away for a little vacation to the mountains in Colorado. Ram started pre-k in a new school and she is making many friends. We made some great memories and are looking forward to what is to come. But, the biggest change in our family, is that we are growing from a party of three to a party of four in 2018! We are expecting a boy! Thank God, seriously can’t thank Him enough. Prayers answered!

Kelly is doing well and, as you can see, is looking amazing! Ramona maybe not so thrilled about a brother but, I feel like she is going to enjoy having someone to do her bidding. We have lots to do to prepare for little Fredo and are very excited to get busy. Life is fantastic for us and I hope things are going well for all of you as well.

In other news, Ramona fan her first jog-a-thon and absolutely crushed it. She ran so hard and with such determination. Girl is a fierce competitor. I love seeing that joy and passion in her face. Definitely a proud father!

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