Yes Day!

We just left Ram with my mother and checked into the hospital, its go time! Yesterday was Ramona’s Yes Day! She kept saying she was, “Boss of the day.” We let her call most of the shots, but we had to say no to the hotel. We did manage to have a lot of fun. It was a great day to spend together and enjoy the three of us. Big changes happening and my smart little kid is all to aware of the impact it is going to have on her. I believe everything is going to be just fine; Ram wants to buy her brother a present for when he gets home in a few days. She also rearranged brothers dresser for him, so it would make sense to him. I believe everything is going to be just fine.

After a mini wrestling session, Ram is sitting on my chest and bends down and says, “Freddy won’t be able to wrestle for a while, right Dad?” I love my little girl.

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