AH3 has arrived!

The last two weeks have been amazing! Alfredo Herrera III was born on Monday the fifth of February. 8 pounds and 15 ounces, exactly the same as Ram. We had concerns on how Freddy’s arrival would impact our family. Ramona, if you ask her about her brother, will most likely roll her eyes and act annoyed. That is not the real story though. She is as enamored with him as Kelly and I are. This is a major relief! I was so worried that she would have a terrible time adjusting. She does get a little annoyed that Freddy requires so much attention. Having her help with diapers and feedings makes her feel just as important and it is super cute to watch. Its really been great to see Ram pour her love on her brother.  We are excited being a 4-pack, it just feels right. I have had many emotional revelations and experiences on my dad journey, and more are coming. You have heard parents say before that they love all of their children equally. I am not saying I ever doubted that, but when you have only one child it is hard to think you can truly love another child equally. Well, it is true you can. The heart has an endless depth of love, we just have to chose to fill it.

I gave the blog a little bit of a refresh. I wanted it to be a little more clean. Now, do I incorporate The Freddy Files into this blog, or does Freddy get his own? I am torn but am leaning to him having his own blog. Let me know if you have an opinion. Have a great week!

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