Spring is already here! The cleaning, the yard work, and the loss of an hour of sleep are all the signs that it is indeed Spring. We were not able to get away for Ram’s spring break, but we did make the most of the week. We got in some pool time, a little gathering place fun, and some cousins time. Kelly was able to take the kids to Caney, KS to the Safari Zoological park, and from the pictures and what the girls said, it was amazing. I am kind of sorry I missed it! Life is good!

Freddy had a blast too, but that boy is always having fun. He is going back to daycare today a new man. He has been doing a few steps walking here and there, but he was still mostly crawling to get around. That all changed this week. He is walking like a brand new sailor trying to get their sea legs. He is walking though and he is pretty proud of his new-found mobility.  It is so much fun watching him develop. The way he plays with his toys and the way he figures out how things work are mesmerizing to me. I can watch that for hours. Freddy is also a huge fan of swings and he is every bit as crazy as Ramona. The kid loves to fly high and roll hard.

Ramona made a big change this past week as well. She had her mom cut her hair short! She looks so beautiful, but honestly I believe that no matter the length of her hair. I love our conversations and how they change over time. She is intelligent and loves to question things. Lucky for me, one of my super powers is always having an answer. Now they may not always be 100% correct but they sound right! Don’t worry though, I don’t leave her with false information I follow through and get her the facts.

We are loving everyday and making as many memories as we can! I hope everyone is doing fantastic and growing every day. Have a great week!

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