And One

I can’t believe it but my boy turned one today! This past week has been very difficult for my family, and it is hard to celebrate my sons birthday in the midst of my father’s medical conditions. I know that my old man would not want me or anyone not to celebrate this little guys birthday though, so happy birthday Alfredo!

Freddy is doing and a moving. He is starting to stand on his own for a few seconds and has strung together 3 steps. He really enjoys pulling the child protective covers off of the outlets. He is a big fan of the dish washer and the vacuum cleaner. Freddy also enjoys going anywhere and everywhere you don’t want him to go. Basically he is a perfect boy! Pretty sure he tried to wrestle me last night as well. We definitely have our hands fool. Happy birthday to my son!

Thank you all for the prayers and support for our family.

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