State of Herrera Family 2020

Happy 2020, a new year with plenty of growth and change in store! Roxie is already trying to sit up and she will be chasing her brother by year end. Freddy will turn 2 and he will be cruising the streets on his scooter this summer. Ramona is crushing reading in Spanish and she will master her roller skates this year. Kelly and I will continue to love and cherish every moment with our family and we will adapt! This is our 2020.

Roxie is amazing. She is healthy, 90% in weight! I love watching her watch everything. She gives the best smiles, I just love her! She is going to be independent like her siblings. She tries to take her bottle from me when I am feeding her. She can manage for a few seconds but then she needs Dad to help her out. I love being there for her, and I love watching her try to do it herself. Rox is grabbing anything she can get her hands on. Finally she can start to play with her toys and that is exciting.

Freddy is growing up quick. He is on the cusp of speaking his mind. His vocabulary is growing daily and he is now babbling what appear to be full conversations. I am super excited to listen to what he has to say. Freddy never misses an opportunity to jump on my back and wrestle his Dad. He spends a lot of energy trying to keep up his older sister. Ram doesn’t make it easy on him either. Freddy is a lover too, I think he gets that from me. He makes sure everyone gets a kiss and enjoys his snuggles.

What can we say about Ram? Wow, amazing, fabulous! Girl is always surprising. She has a great heart and loves to make people happy. Gymnastics and music theatre are her jam. She is working hard in school and she is reading really well in Spanish! Ram also never misses an opportunity to jump on my back and wrestle me. I never let them win.

I am amped for what this year will bring. I love our family and I am enjoying the ride!


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