Masked, Gloved And Growing Up

It is a rainy Monday morning in April and my thoughts are of how much our world has changed. I don’t think I could have ever imagined something like this pandemic but here we are six feet apart. I am a huge fan of some of the changes. I feel like I have spent more time at home the last few weeks. Our home seems to have a lower stress level and has been the perfect refuge. We are in rhythm and it is lovely. We are ready to get back to our community though and be able to hug our friends and family again. We have much to discuss.

Gilcrease Stroll

Roxie has the most to tell, 8 months old and on the move. Rox is getting her first army crawls in the books. She is even beginning to pull herself up. It is hard to believe that she is already at this stage. Her appetite is serious. She barks at me because I can’t get the spoon loaded up fast enough! She enjoys feeding herself and playing keep away with her spoon. I have a strong suspicion that she is going to be as mischievous if not more than her siblings. The other night her and Freddy were laughing so hard, I ran into see what was going on. They were splashing each other in the tub and cracking up.

Army Crawl

My boy is quite possibly the sweetest little man. Freddy is always making sure that everyone is included. If he gets candy, he makes sure everyone in the room get a piece. If you give him a kiss, he wants to be sure everyone gets a kiss. It is really cute. Freddy is changing up the way he solo plays. The objects have a voice now. I could not tell you what they are saying but they are definitely talking to one another. He is such a big helper too! He put his shoes on this morning and helped me bring the rteash cans in. A bit later I saw him putting away laundry. Oh and he always helps me empty the dishwasher! Why is this not a behavior that lasts?

Freddy Helps
Easter 2020

Ram has been staying busy through all of this as well. She has learned to Zoom and do Hangouts. She has become proficient with emojis and texting. She can work a filter in a video chat like a boss. She has pretty much mastered quarantine and is ready to be released! She is a social gal and being cooped up at home is not an outfit she would wear everyday or even every week. Ramona is a sanity saver as much as she is the reason you are losing your sanity. She is a great sister. She will change the occasional diaper, make a snack here and there, and she likes playing with her siblings. When it is just you and the kids, having Ram to talk to is amazing!

I hope we can all get back to some normalcy sometime soon. I hope that we can hang on to some of the nice side effects of Covid quarantine. I hope that we can all be present with the ones we love and that we can continuing making memories together!

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