Fifteen years ago today, I stood at the altar with tears falling on my cheek as my bride made her way down the aisle. Those same tears fall now as I type. I love you Kelly and I love our family we have created. You inspire me everyday. Thank you for these 15 and I am super excited for this new adventure we are embarking on!

First trip to Walden

Earlier this month we decided to jump on an opportunity in Walden, Colorado. It is a leap into a whole new way of living and a completely new environment for all of us. We are experiencing all of the emotions; sad, happy, scared, nervous, excited. Most importantly though, we are doing this as team Herrera. We thank you for all of your love and continued support.

First date as Mr and Mrs

These are just a few of my favorite moments with Kelly. Each one has a special memory we shared together.

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