The B in Busy

Ramona on the go

Our last full weekend with the three of us is over. Kelly starts work and that means our family time will be diminished. We are hoping and praying to make some changes in our schedules to accommodate one full day together. I know we will need it. Spending time, even if its just sitting on the couch, with my family has become my favorite thing to do. I have always been a big fan of doing anything with Kelly. Now I want to do those anythings with both my girls. It is great being a dad.

Ramona has been up to quite a bit the last few days. She made her way to the bouncy barn for a birthday party. She was the center of attention at church on Sunday. Father Steve held her during the homily and she was bright eyed the whole time. Ramona is a big fan of church. She celebrated her last Christmas party of the season with the Grove family. She got fitted for a costume for an upcoming party and has plans to attend two parties this weekend. If this is foreshadowing of whats to come, I think I will start a taxi service now. This is one kid at 5 weeks old, life is going to get busy for dad.

Beautiful Ladies

I have been struggling to find time to do the things that I always did before Ramona. Things like playing my guitar, reading, working out, and just any of that “me” time stuff. I have been good with the working out part, I have been doing that at 5:30AM. I am not bitter about missing out on these other activities, I just don’t want to lose the things that make me me. I rarely even notice the omissions from my life because I am happily occupied with my sweet Ramona. I guess if I want to do them bad enough I will make room. It will be nice when Ramona can help me make music and I suppose I should be reading to her now. Hope she likes historical fiction!

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