Año Nuevo

Out with blogger and in with WordPress. It might take me a little bit to get into gear but I am hoping it will be an easy transition full of candy for your eye balls.

I don’t really have a 2015 post. I don’t have any big resolutions either. I think I gave up on those when I found myself having the same ones every January. I do have some promises though, and the good thing about promises is you can recommit to those same promises year after year. I promise to be the best father and husband I can be. Enough on me let us talk Ram.


Ramona spent New Years with YaYa, Gramps, and her cousins. From the stories and pictures they appeared to have partied hard. Ramona took a 2 hour plus nap the next day and slept sound all night. I asked her if she partied and she said, “Yes!” She then went on to tell me everything she did. Ram is talking so much now. I understand most things she is saying too so it is definitely getting good. I asked her questions about things she did and she had yes or no answers for me. I’m not positive she understood everything I asked but she smiled and answered every question. I love parenthood.


Ramona went back to daycare for two days this week. Her best friend is starting at a different school next week. I am concerned that she will be sad. I am hoping she will be just fine but one thing I have learned being a parent is that kids have much more depth than I expected. She will be fine but I don’t like it when she is sad.

Have a great first week of 2015!


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