California Travels

Travels with a three year old: Awesome. The look on her face when the plane got off the ground was fantastic, it was full of joy and adventure. I love this girl. She has been so crazy excited for this trip the past few days. I have been flirting with annoyance to all of the, ‘When do we get on the plane?’ That flirting dissipated once we got to the airport though. Ram has been terrific. She is asking lots of questions and noticing much more. A child’s mind is beautiful. All of the new they get to experience. All of the wondering how and why. I feel very special answering these questions. At least attempting to. I like being a dad. I like being Ram’s dad. 

We got off the plane and it was on. Potty break, bags, shuttle, and rental car. Once on the streets of LA, we reaffirmed our love for Tulsa. We got to Anaheim in what seemed like hours but was much less than that. No road rage or in car shouting matches. I feel like we had a successful day of travel, everything went smooth and without delay. But it was now time to meet the Seifried family, so we were on the go again. This time it was on foot though. It was amazing to meet up with this family. Our girls were instant pals and I don’t believe there was a quiet moment had until the night had come to an end. Laughing and dancing, laughing and dancing. Great friends, I loved getting to spend some time with them.

After a good night of sleep, it was Disney time. Finally, The Herrera’s had made it to Disneyland! It was as fantastic as I could ever remember this magical place being. Ram was lit up and her smile was radiating off of her face. I am certain that we all had that smile, as did the Russell’s, whom we just so happened to inadvertently choose the same date for our Disney adventure. Ramona made it all day like a pro. I don’t remember her complaining once. Her cousins were right there with her having a blast and making memories. It was a beautiful day, one that I will never forget.

Onwards to San Diego. I remember as a child, cruising the Pacific Coast Highway and all of the beautiful scenery. I was not dissapointed doing it again. We made several stops along the way. Scenic look outs, funky coffe shop bakery, farmer’s market, and just anywhere that looked interesting. It was a wonderful drive, I enjoyed it anyway! San Diego is gorgeous. Ramona was all about the fish. We all were. I had so many fish tacos I lost count of all the different ones I had. Balboa Park, Seaport, Coronado, we had a most excellent time. Nice and relaxed, but when it was time to go home we were not complaining. Ram did great on the plane back as well. She didn’t find it to be that big of a deal this time around. An old pro.

Hope everyone is having a marvelous summer, keep having fun! 

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