Here Comes The Boom

August, I cant believe you snuck up on us like that! Summer always comes to an end and its always bitter sweet. We have a few more summer activities we want to get in before school starts up, so August will go out with a bang. 

This fall Ram is going to start going to school five days a week. Which means that I lose my Tuesday’s with her. This is a major blow to my happiness. I love my days imagining sailing on the ocean, camping in the woods, searching for pirate treasure, and any crazy adventure that Ram and I concoct. I know that we can do these things anytime but for the last couple of years Tuesday’s have been our time. Another downside is actually having to get some of these chores done! I will survive and I know she will as well. (I suppose I should mention that we play babies as well on Tuesdays.)  

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