2 Things

“I got two things to say you.” This is how Ramona has been starting many of our conversations. I am not sure where it came from. It could be her love of lists pushing its way into conversation. It could be her way of making sure she tells us everything she wants to. Either way, I dig it and it makes me laugh every time. She is growing up and it is really awesome seeing her thoughts and thinking evolve. I love seeing bits of Kelly and myself in her behaviors. What’s really cool though is those behaviors that are completely her own. I am just really enjoying Ram the individual. 

Ram started gymnastics a couple of weeks ago. This is going way better than the ballet classes plus I make a terrific spotter. She seems to really like it too. A couple of days after her first class, Kelly set up a little course for Ramona. Ram was super excited to show me all of the moves she had to do to complete the course. It is pretty adorable watching her do “hand stands and cartwheels.” Who knows we may have a full on tumbler in the house. I am just happy that she is having fun. I will work on getting some photos of this gymnast. 

Hope everyone is ready for Fall! Ram already knows what she wants to be for Halloween and keeps talking about the candy. Have a terrific weekend!

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