Pre K and Done

Ramona is about to finish her first year of school and I am already counting how many school years we have left! It is not enough, so I am going to have to make the most of them. This girl has changed so much from the start of the school year. She has learned so much about herself and her class mates. Its really amazing watching her grow. Our conversations are all over the place and its awesome. A child’s mind has no limitations and she pushes me to think about things that I know are impossible. She keeps me dreaming and I love it.

This past month, Ramona started taking a ninja warrior class. I think she really likes it but doesn’t like being the only girl. And she definitely does not like being treated like a girl. Ram is like her mom, she doesn’t need a boys help unless she wants it. Raising an independent girl is not easy but its going to pay off when she grows up.

Swim, swim, and swim again. I believe that is going to be the theme this summer.  I am perfectly fine with it. There is not a much better way to spend a hot summer day than in a pool. Diving board has already happened and we are not even out of May. There is no telling what she will be doing in the pool by the end of the summer.

Have a great end to May and a jubilant June. Make those memories, and remember to smile.

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